An Extract of my First Novel

This is a little exert from the first draft of my work in progress that I just wanted to share with you. I haven’t decided on a title and I might put a poll on Twitter and Goodreads to see which title I should use when I think of a few good ones, but for now here’s a couple of paragraphs from an exciting scene. Enjoy!

Sky wondered if this was what a heart attack felt like.

She led Blanche through the bustling hallways, a pit of dread forming in her stomach. Everyone seemed to be watching her. As if they knew what she was up to. It felt stupid to think, and Sky was aware that nobody paid as much attention to her as she thought they did, but it didn’t make the feeling go away. Her breath shuddered as they turned the corner and the sign for the other team’s base hung on the wall.

Blanche stopped in front of the password access door then turned around to Sky, “Do you know it?”

Sky shook her head, “Only people in the teams know their own password,” A bud of hope began to bloom in her chest.

Blanche looked around at all the people coming and going. Sky didn’t know what she was thinking but she reckoned she wouldn’t like the answer. The only reason she was going along with it was because Blanche was a once in a lifetime chance to have someone on her side and she didn’t want to squander it by stopping her. She prayed Blanche would see ‘access denied’ and turn back.

God wasn’t on her side.

“Hi there,” Blanche tapped a passing agent’s arm and he turned around, “I don’t mean to bother you, but I’m really in need of some help.”

His eyebrows furrowed but as soon as Blanche put on a slight pout and opened her eyelids so her eyes looked twice as large, he relaxed.

He slicked back his hair and fiddled with his collar, “How can I be of assistance ma’am?”

Blanche smiled, but it was a cute happy-go-lucky smile, not the upturned smirk Sky had seen before.

“My brother’s part of this team and he asked me to stop by, but I can’t find him anywhere. Sky’s helping me look,” She gestured to Sky, “But this place is just so big. I don’t suppose you could help look for him, could you?” She bit her lip.

He averted his eyes, “Actually, I’m kind of busy at the moment, got some papers to hand in,” He gestured to the clipboard in his hand.

Blanche sighed and looked away forlornly, “That’s okay. Perhaps if you could just give me the code to the door, I can look for him in there. I’m pretty sure I heard someone say that’s where he was.”

“I’m uh, really not supposed to give away the code to strangers.”

“Oh please,” She batted her eyelashes, “You’d be doing me a huge favour.”

He bit his lip, “I suppose if your brother’s here I could make an exception. Technically that makes you not a stranger.”

“Thank you so much,” She touched his arm, “You’re such an amazing person for doing this.”

He grinned shyly, “It’s the least I could do when I can’t help you look.”

He walked towards the door and as soon as his back was turned, Sky saw the sides of Blanche’s lips twitch up. She bit her tongue to hide them, but the glint in her eye was there. It all disappeared once he turned around.

“Thank you,” She repeated as he stepped away and the door swung open, “It really means a lot,” She walked through the door backwards so she could keep an eye on him as he walked away.

She grabbed Sky’s arm and pulled her through. The door closed right behind her and she watched the slit get smaller and smaller as she realised she had just broken into another team’s base. That was grounds for suspension at least. What was she thinking? She’d let Blanche sweet talk her into it just as that guy let her sweet talk him into letting them in. She wondered if she looked that stupid when Blanche manipulated her.

Because that’s what it was. Manipulation. She wouldn’t go as far as to say Blanche had taken advantage of her from the start, but it wasn’t like she’d shied away from it. Sky hoped that wasn’t true, but friendships with her weren’t exactly commonplace. It was odd that Blanche had taken an interest in her when nobody had spared her a second glance for years, but she didn’t even want to go down that line of thinking.

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